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Our Vision, Mission & Aims

Vision: 'The Scottish Fair Trade Forum works to help make Scotland a nation which is a global leader in challenging global poverty and recognises the dignity and rights of producers through a commitment to fairness in international trading.'

Mission: 'The Scottish Fair Trade Forum exists to maintain Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland and build upon that achievement to embed the values of Fair Trade in all aspects of Scottish society.'


- To maintain and develop Fair Trade Nation status.

- To integrate Fair Trade principles into decision-making and procedures at all levels of government in Scotland.

- To encourage the business community to integrate Fair Trade principles and corporate accountability into all aspects of their business, and to encourage the growth of the Fair Trade sector in Scotland.

- To develop and enable strategic partnerships with communities and activists.

- To engage the broader public in Scotland's Fair Trade Nation campaign by raising awareness and encouraging understanding of the role of Fair Trade in creating a more sustainable world.

- To strengthen links with producer communities and continue to promote awareness of the mutual benefits derived by consumers and producers from Fair Trade.