Want to do your bit to help make trade fair? Time to spare? There are lots of ways to give some time to support the work of the Forum.

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please see here for vacancies.

A volunteer programme

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum has been running a successful volunteer programme since its very beginning and has allowed our work to spread farther and further around Scotland and beyond.

Since 2007 we have had volunteers taking up roles of administrative, campaigns and communications, grants and fundraising, membership, research and schools support.

The Forum recognises our volunteers’ commitment to Fair Trade values and appreciates the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm they bring to the cause. Therefore, we seek to place volunteers in roles where they will thrive and be able to put to use their existing skills set.

Our small but diverse office is a hub of activity on any given day, with our volunteers busying themselves with their tasks at hand, supporting the permanent staff in their day to day activities. Most of our volunteers are based in Glasgow, while the schools and some research volunteers are home-based, and come from all walks of life. Some are fresh out of university, while others are mid-career professionals that have worked in a variety of fields and countries. This enriches the discussions we have in the office when we have a moment or two to spare.

Some volunteers have been stalwarts of the Fair Trade movement in Scotland and continue to commit time to the Scottish Fair Trade Forum amongst their other responsibilities. Angela Oakley is one of them, having started volunteering at the Forum in 2009. Angela has commented that “The support given to this campaign by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum has been crucial to a volunteer, such as myself. I have found it very valuable to work with others who also volunteer at the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. Like me, they are interested in the pursuit of justice”.

Although most of the volunteering is office based, we often ask volunteers to represent us at festivals, eg the Belladrum Festival and to run stalls at various events, such as at the Annual STUC Women’s Conference.

The contribution of volunteers over the years has been an invaluable part of keeping the Forum going and we’re immensely grateful for their support.


For our current list of staff and volunteers see here.


More testimonials:
"I decided to volunteer for the Scottish Fair Trade Forum to feel useful for developing countries and to gain more work experience. It has been really grateful and fulfilling. For instance, I have learnt to work with people from different ages and experiences, listening to their ideas and being listened to. It is even better when you work in an office with very nice people." - Claire Pecot.

“One of the best things about the Forum for me is the fact that it enjoys its work. It's an office that laughs, and, having worked in an office that doesn't, I can certainly tell you which I prefer. Fair Trade is a great cause, but even without the feeling that you may be doing some good in the world, a happy office is its own reward.” - Robert