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History of Fair Trade in Scotland


Timeline and key milestones for Fair Trade in Scotland

1960s Oxfam shops begin to sell handicrafts and Christmas cards made in developing countries.
1970s Tearcraft, then Traidcraft are established as specialist craft importers in the UK.
1970s Tanica instant coffee powder from Tanzania by campaigners in Oxford becomes the first fairly traded food product to be imported into the UK.
1979 A group of returning Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) volunteers establish Campaign Coffee Scotland (CCS).
1980 Coach House in Balmore opens on 17 May.
1980 CCS starts to import and pack Tanica instant coffee.
1982 One World shop opens in Edinburgh
1983 The Third World Centre opens in Aberdeen 
1984 Commercial distribution of coffee becomes possible due to collaboration between CCS and GreenCity Wholefoods co-operative in Glasgow.
1986 CCS and GreenCity jointly organise the first ever Fair Trade conference in Scotland in May.
1987 Equal Exchange brand is launched in collaboration between CCS and GreenCity.
1989 Equal Exchange is launched as a cooperative in its own right due to rapid demand and growth.
1989 The International Fair Trade Association (IFAT – now the World Fair Trade Organisation – WFTO) is launched at a conference in the Netherlands.
1991 Four partners, Equal Exchange, Oxfam, Traidcraft and Twin Trading launch Cafédirect, a flagship brand for the Fairtrade movement.
1992 Cafédirect is introduced in Co-op and Safeway's Scottish stores.
1994 Launch of the Fairtrade Mark.
1995 First Fairtrade Fortnight held. The Cafédirect brand is carried by all major supermarket chains. The Co-op pledges to stock Fairtrade products in every store.
1998 First bar of Divine Chocolate is launched in the UK, with the producer partners Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana having a major ownership stake in the brand.
1990s The Co-operative Bank heads an initiative to get Fairtrade coffee and tea into office vending machines.
2000 The first Fairtrade bananas are introduced in over 1000 Co-op stores. Other supermarkets soon follow.
2001 Garstang, Lancashire declares itself the first 'Fairtrade Town' in the UK.
2002 In Scotland, Aberfeldy and Strathaven become the first Fairtrade Towns (27 November 2002).
2002 Fairtrade own label products begin to appear in supermarkets, with the Co-op converting its entire own label chocolate range to Fairtrade, later followed by coffee and tea.
2003 Range of products began to rise. By this date 150 Fairtrade products are in stock in stores
2004 Fairtrade product range rises to 350. University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow become the first two universities to achieve Fairtrade status.
2004  Aberdeen and Dundee are first cities in Scotland to achieve Fair Trade status on 5 March.
2005 And again, product range doubles to 700 by 2005 and includes a diversity of products such as wine, roses and footballs.
2006 The Welsh Assembly Government and the Scottish Executive agree a series of criteria for what would constitute a 'Fair Trade Nation'.
2007 The Scottish Fair Trade Forum is established with Scottish Executive support during an initial gathering of Fair Trade campaigners in Perth in January. It is initially administered by Oxfam, with Betsy Reed as its first co-ordinator.
2008 Wales declares itself a Fair Trade Nation. The Scottish Fair Trade Forum becomes a separate company and registers charitable status.
2009 The first Board of Trustees is elected in January, replacing the previous steering groups, which become the interim board. Towerbank Primary School becomes the first Fairtrade school in Edinburgh in June.
2010 Martin Rhodes replaces Betsy Reed as Director of the Forum.
2011 Forth Valley College is first college in Scotland to be awarded Fairtrade status in March.
2011 'Scotland Going Fair Trade – Are You?' campaign launched
2012 Public Procurement Reform Bill consultation launched
2013 Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland achieved on 25 February and celebrated on the 7th of September at an event in Perth
2014 Stage 3 of the Procurement Reform Bill
2014 A steering group of individuals established a Fairtrade sports ball enterprise known as Bala Sport
2014 Fairtrade products were sold and promoted at the 144th and the 145th Open Golf Championships in St. Andrews and Troon thanks to the efforts of local campaigners, the Forum, the Fairtrade Foundation and the tournament organisers.


The Forum held a seminar of international representation in Glasgow which was attended by representatives from Canada, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Wales, Northern Ireland and the UK's Fairtrade Foundation. This wasthe first international event to look specifically at the issue of developing the Fair Trade Nation concept globally.