The gold supply chain. Hard truths and positive changes images

The gold supply chain. Hard truths and positive changes

The 2019 Fair Trade Nation Lecture will be delivered by Ian Nicholson of the The Precious Metals Workshop Limited

Traceability in the global gold supply chain is broken. Consequently, we have the term “Dirty Gold” that has been coined. This refers to the 20% mix of the annually mined gold from an artisanal workforce (that has a multitude of varied exploitational issues associated) and is mixed in with the other 80% that is mined. The result is that standard gold is muddied by this exploitation. We are all buying into this as gold is literally everywhere - in jewellery, investment and industry that we all somehow interact with.

Ian will draw from his experiences of visiting mines across the world and his work as a practising jeweller to present facts and figures around supply chain issues, demonstrate what Fairtrade has done to produce a traceable “Clean Gold” supply chain, and advise on what we can all do to help encourage positive changes to benefit mining communities across the world.

Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019

Time: 18:00 - 20:00 with drinks and canapes after the lecture.

Place: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Organised by: Scottish Fair Trade Forum and The Precious Metals Workshop Limited

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a free event but registration on Eventbrite is required.