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Craft Aid Producer Tour Summary

Pamela L’Intelligent, one of our Fair Trade producers, has been touring the country and speaking at numerous events for community groups and schools for Fairtrade Fortnight 2015. On Monday the 23rd February she spoke at a schools conference in the Glasgow City Chambers for primary and secondary schools. Pamela really enjoyed her time there and thought it was great that so many young people showed interest in Fair Trade.

Pamela at Schools Conference

Pamela at the Schools Conference (Photo by Lindsey Cleland)

Pamela speaking at schools conference (Video by Lindsey Cleland)

The following day Pamela was travelling up to Elgin via Aberlour to speak at Elgin High School and Elgin library. While in Aberlour she had a chance to talk to some of the local Fair Trade group members and discuss the work that they do. At Elgin High School Pamela spoke to 100 S1 pupils about her story and the impact Fair Trade has made on her life. She also discussed an upcoming competition that Craft Aid (Mauritius), Kool Skools, and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum are organising. In the evening she gave a presentation to a local community group at Elgin Library. The group was particularly interested in the work Koolskools does with Craft Aid.

                Pamela at Elgin High SchoolPamela at Elgin Library

Pamela at Elgin High School (Left, taken by Daniel Forsyth / The Northern Scot) and Elgin Library (Right)

Pamela had a busy day on Wednesday 25th. In the morning she was speaking at Fyvie Primary School to about 160 pupils and teachers. At lunchtime she stopped at the Acorn Centre in Inverurie where she got to meet some of the staff who promote Fair Trade through their business, as well as members of the Mid-Formartine Fairtrade Group. Pamela was very impressed with the work that all of them had done. Afterwards there was a visit to Alford Primary School where she spoke to 120 pupils and teachers. In the late afternoon and early evening Pamela spoke at both a schools event and a community event at the Montgomery Development Education Centre.

                Pamela at the Acorn CentrePamela at Fyvie Primary School

                                        Pamela at The Acorn Centre (Left) and Fyvie Primary School (Right)

On the 26th there was a presentation at Maisondieu Primary School’s assembly for roughly 120 pupils and teachers. Afterwards Pamela was given a bit of a rest day after such a busy week of events.

Pupils at Craighead Primary School wear Fairtrade Cotton schoolwear from Koolskools who are supplied by ethical textile company Craft Aid in Mauritius. On Friday 27th Pamela was visibly moved to see the pupils wearing the polo shirts and sweat shirts she stitches, each one with the Fairtrade cotton logo, which guarantees farmers receive a fair price for the cotton. Later that morning Pamela went to Holy Family Primary School. The school has been working hard to introduce Fair Trade school uniforms and will hopefully achieve this in the near future. In the afternoon, she visited Hillpark Secondary school to speak to more school pupils. During the visit she had a chance to talk to the schools Fair Trade committee and staff members.

During her last week in Scotland Pamela managed to continue attending numerous schools as well as speaking at a Parliamentary reception at the Scottish Parliament. At Our Holy Redeemer and Bonhill Primary School the pupils had an opportunity to hear from Pamela as well as, the managing director of Craft Aid, Gabriel Kamudu. This gave the children an opportunity to hear more about how the company was set up to help the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

The producer tours have been a great success so far, and Pamela has really enjoyed her time in Scotland. We will be adding more about her tour and the other tours over the next few days. Visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay informed with all the events going on in Scotland.