Fair Trade Festive Gift Guide 2018 images

Fair Trade Festive Gift Guide 2018

Have a Merry Fair Trade Holiday!

Struggling to come up with unique and special seasonal presents? Wondering where you can buy Fair Trade food and drink this festive season?

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite gift ideas from our retail members below to help you shop Fair Trade this Christmas!
If you’re looking for…


Zulu Fire Sauce

Zulu Fire Sauce from ukuva iAfrica

Available from JTS, Gavin’s Mill and other suppliers. 

This gift set contains a 125ml bottle of Zulu Fire sauce and although it is not blisteringly hot, approach with caution! Use it as a marinade, during cooking, table condiment or dipping sauce.
The set also contains a 60g Swahili Lemon Pepper grinder, which is superb on steamed green vegetables with chicken, fish, pork, potatoes, vegetables, green salads, and nearly anything really! 

Different sets and individual seasonings from ukuva iAfrica are available from the same shops and make great, fair and ethical stocking fillers!





Mzuzu Golden Coffee


Mzuzu Golden Coffee - Grown and Roasted in Malawi

Available from Fair Trade Scotland Ltd 

The Mzuzu Golden Coffee from Fairtrade Scotland is the value-added Fairtrade Guaranteed and Certified coffee in the world and the FIRST 500 venture makes it an ideal Christmas Gift.













Cape Treasures Poultry

Cape Treasures Poultry Seasoning

Available from Gavin’s Mill, JTS 

This seasoning is ideal for turkey, helps to brown and crisp the skin, made by Cape Herb and Spice. Flavours like ginger, mustard, and sage balance the rich skin flavours. Generously sprinkle this seasoning over your Christmas bird and add a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to make the other flavours ‘pop’. 











Fair Trade Tartan

Fair Trade Tartan - products made in Cambodia

Available from Fair Trade Scotland Ltd

The WFTO Fair Trade Guaranteed Tartan products, from Villageworks Cambodia and Fair Trade Scotland, through a WFTO, audited supply chain. All kinds of gifts, from bags to scrunchies and passport sleeves are made from Tartan woven by House of Edgar and add a fair, Scottish touch to your holiday!






Mary & Martha Mongolia's Angel for BrokenMary & Martha Mongolia’s ‘Angels for the Broken’ Tree Decorations
Available from Rainbow Turtle, Paisley. 

These beautiful angels for your Christmas tree are made from recycled broken alcohol bottles. On some, you can even see the remnants of a label!The sale of these angels goes towards alcohol rehabilitation work.











Play footballs

‘Play’ Footballs from Bala Sport
Available from Bala Sport 


Fairtrade equipment for your next football match!
Bala Sport’s footballs are durable and machine stitched in a choice of colour and sizes. Made in Pakistan ensuring that workers get a fair deal. 

Bala Sport also offers a range of other Fairtrade Balls













You can also check out our Suppliers Map to find your closest fair retailer and wholesale suppliers!