#FairForWomen stories on Twitter images

FairForWomen images

#FairForWomen stories on Twitter

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum launched the #FairForWomen twitter chat today with YWCA Scotland and tweets from Oxfam Scotland and the Fairtrade Foundation.

The plan was to get people talking and raise awareness about how Fair Trade helps women and the important role of women in sustainable development as a joint celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight and International Womens Day!

300 different users posted over 900 times about #FairForWomen and there have been over 2.7 Million (and rising) impressions of tweets using the hashtag! Lots of these came from Scottish Fair Trade Retailers and organisations and NGOs involved in sustainable development. It was wonderful to see the strength of support for #FairForWomen across Scotland and the UK. 

Thank you to everyone who got involved in the discussion - it was a very fun morning with lots of interesting facts and moving stories!

If you weren't able to join live you can read the (very interesting) Storify summary of the chat here .

You can also make your own #FairForWomen pledge and let us know, using the hashtag!

 Graphic asking people what FairForWomen action they will take in 2015