Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 Visiting Producer Profiles images

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 Visiting Producer Profiles

For Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 there are some visiting producers from Fair Trade organisations. See below for more information.

Pamela L'Intelligent 

Pamela L'intelligent

Pamela L’Intelligent is a 44 Year old woman who has worked in the manufacturing industry since her early teens. She started at the age of 13 at Entansia and worked for 3-4 years there where she started as a helper before being trained on sewing machines and started as a machinist. Entansia manufactured mainly woollen garments such as dresses, pullovers, etc. Wool can irritate the eyes, skin and the respiratory system. She left because she was being exposed to such unnecessary risks.

Next she began working in an established textile company in Saint Pierre. During this time she was blessed with a beautiful daughter who is now 19 years old.

Joining Craft Aid has seen her development; Initially she worked on different segments of a shirt, now she works on different garments from start to finish. During her career at Craft Aid, her work/life balance has improved significantly in comparison to her early career life. She is looking forward to telling you more about her story working within the Fair Trade Company in Mauritius when she visits.

To read more about Pamela and the Fair Trade organisation she works for click here.


Basilio Almonte


As CONACADO’s Technical and Quality Manager, Basilio Almonte is responsible for compliance with Fairtrade, organic and other certification standards and for ensuring the organization produces high quality cocoa that meets the requirements of international markets.

The son of a farmer, Basilio worked on the land from an early age and only ever foresaw a career in agronomy. He studied agronomy from the age of fourteen and qualified as an Agricultural Technologist before continued his studies at university and graduating in Agricultural Engineering. This led to work as a technical advisor at Los Haitises National Park, one of the largest and most important protected areas of the country. Basilio joined CONACODA in 2003 to train producers in cocoa quality improvement and organic farming techniques before advancing to his present position.

Basilio is married with a four-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. His ambition is to have his own cocoa farm that incorporates the philosophies of fair labour, protection of the environment and good agricultural practices – and one day to become President of CONACADO.

To read more about Basilio and the Fair Trade organisation he works for click here.


Charles Chavi

Charles Chavi

Charles has been employed by Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Association (KCG) for seven years. His role as Trust Administrator entails managing the Fairtrade contract on behalf of the associations’ members. As their desk officer for all Fairtrade related affairs, Charles is responsible for supporting farmers with certification, audits and ensuring the association complies with Fairtrade Standards.

Charles has a long relationship with KCG as his parents are both sugar cane farmers and members of KCG. Charles is engaged to be married in August this year.

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