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Come On In To Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 will run from 26 February until 11 March. The theme of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight is “Come On In.” Whether it's inviting your friends or family over for some Fairtrade tea or coffee or encouraging campaigners to invite more people into the Fair Trade movement, use this Fortnight to reflect on the impact that exploitation has on farmers’ lives and encourage others to learn more about Fair Trade. Together, we can close the door for good on unjust trading practices!

During Fairtrade Fortnight, retailers have many special offers on Fair Trade products, so it is the perfect opportunity to try out some new Fair Trade products or stock up on your old favourites. You can check this page of our website for information on Scottish based Fair Trade suppliers.

This year from 26th February - 13th March we will be visited by Bernard Kaunda (Acting Chief Executive) and Christopher Gondwe (Quality and Processing Executive) from Mzuzu Coffee in Malawi. Mzuzu is a coffee planters cooperative union who champion economic empowerment of their smallholder coffee growers. You can read more about Bernard and Christopher here.

Have a look at our events page to keep up to date with the events being organised near you for Fairtrade Fortnight, and don’t forget to add your own Fairtrade Fortnight event to our events calendar! Our guests will be present at numerous events, so we encourage you to come on in and listen to their story.

Promote your event on social media and make sure to tag us on the Facebook and Twitterposts: @FairTradeNation, Scottish Fair Trade Forum.

More information about Fairtrade Fortnight and how to get involved and be part of something big can be found on the Fairtrade Foundation website

Here’s some ideas on how to encourage others to “Come On In” to the Fairtrade movement:

  1. Invite friends and family over to try some Fairtrade tea and coffee. Find a Fair Trade shop/supplier here.

  2. Participate in the International Festival of Fair Trade Walks. Walks could take place between Fairtrade Towns, cafes, schools, businesses, community centres and you can choose the day that suits you.

  3. Choose from our great songs and animation resources to help you introduce the subject of Fair Trade to preschool children.

  4. Request the Fair’s Fair resource pack from Youth Scotland (office@youthscotland.org.uk) if you are part of a youth group and want to discuss Fair Trade in a more interactive way during Fairtrade Fortnight.

  5. Be inspired by Fairtrade Fortnight events to reach out and recruit local businesses to the Fair Trade cause. Find out more from our Local Business Engagement Volunteer Pack.

  6. There’s no better time to work towards your Fairtrade goal rather than Fairtrade Fortnight. We can help your university, school or nursery achieve Fairtrade status.

  7. Welcome a change and switch to Fairtrade Cotton Schoolwear. Find a list of Fairtrade cotton schoolwear suppliers, information and resources on our website.

  8.  Have a look at the Cotton Unfolded online exhibition and let others know about it. You can explore the story of cotton in Scottish history, unfold the truth about cotton today and discover a fair solution for cotton's future.

  9. Invite your friends along to have a kick about with Fairtrade footballs. By using Fairtrade footballs, you can be sure children are not being exploited and the producers in developing countries get a fair deal. Find out more about Fairtrade footballs: Playing Fair: The Story of Fairtrade Footballs.

  10.  Encourage friends and family to decorate and take photos of their Fairtrade activities and post them on social media. Make sure to tag us on the Facebook and Twitterposts: @FairTradeNation, Scottish Fair Trade Forum.