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Fairtrade in Islam & #BuyPalestinian Workshops

We were delighted to be able to bring Syed and Kieran from MADE In Europe up to Scotland to deliver their workshops about Islam in Fair Trade and the #BuyPalestinian campaign.

The first workshop centred around the history of fair trade principles within Islam and some of the relevant teachings in the Qur’an and Hadith and was very interesting. One verse from the Hadith that particularly stood out was that the prophet Muhammad said: “Give the labourer his due wage before his sweat dries”.

The second workshop was about the #BuyPalestinian campaign which MADE In Europe launched in March to raise awareness of how we can help Palestinian producers sustainably through fair trade. We were really lucky to have Hadeel Palcrafts at the workshops to tell the incredibly moving stories behind the goods they sell and they also shed light on the sheer logistical difficulty of exporting products from Palestine!

The Edinburgh workshop on the 31st March coincided with especially terrible weather so we were glad that some people braved the elements to come along! The Glasgow workshop the next day was sunnier (and better attended) and there was such a great discussion after the first workshop that we didn’t stop for a break!

Thank you to everyone who came along.  If you would be interested in attending more events like this please sign up to our newsletter here.