Pupils celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight at Pearce Institute in Govan images

Winners of the hoodie design competition.

Pupils celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight at Pearce Institute in Govan

On 1st March The Scottish Fair Trade Forum organised a schools event to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight 2016. The event was attended by nearly 100 primary and secondary school pupils and their teachers. The event took place at McLeod Hall, Pearce Institute in Govan. The event was also attended by Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for Europe and International Development and Pamela L’Intelligent, garment worker from Craft Aid Mauritius.

Martin Rhodes, the director of the Forum, welcomed everyone to the event. Then Minister Yousaf talked to the children about the importance of Fair Trade. Pamela told the children about the difference Fair Trade had made in her life and how she no longer has to work long days with low salary. Then, pupils took part in a Fairtrade cotton activity, led by Forum volunteer Angela. They were challenged to think about the problems with the production of cotton, how Fairtrade cotton is helping to solve these problems, and what the children themselves could do to take action. Pupils came up with a variety of solutions, including teaching others about the problems with cotton and the importance of Fairtrade cotton. 

Finally, the winners of the Fairtrade Hoodie competition that was launched a year ago were announced. All the winners received a Fairtrade cotton hoodie printed with their own design made by Craft Aid workers in Mauritius for Koolskools. The overall winner of the competition was Amy from Sanford Primary School, Strathaven.