FT Banana’s Voyage of Discovery images

FT Banana’s Voyage of Discovery

On 14 July 2015, FT Banana, the mascot of Fairtrade in Aberdeen City, set out to travel on the NorthLink Ferry to meet campaigners in Orkney, which is also a Fairtrade zone.

NorthLink Ferries have recently undertaken the role as the city's flagship business that supports Fairtrade and they have proved that as well as tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar, they want to commit to Fair Trade wherever possible. Smart polo shirts made of Fairtrade cotton from India have been sourced for the crew and these will be introduced during FT Banana’s voyage.

FT will be welcomed on arrival in Kirkwall by members of Orkney Fair Trade Group, will visit Northlink’s offices in Aberdeen and in Stromness, and enjoy an early morning cruise on the Hamnavoe to Scrabster and back. He will learn about Orkney Fair Trade Group’s “Buy Fair and Buy Local” campaign, take time out for a coffee at Trenabie’s - one of Orkney’s favourite Fairtade cafés - and make a courtesy call to Orkney Islands Council. All of his exploits will be reported on Aberdeen Fairtrade’s Facebook Page and on his blog “Fairtrade Odyssey”.

Sue Good, Chair of Aberdeen’s Steering Group said: “There are already several Fairtrade ways or trails linking various Fairtrade zones. Ours is just a little bit different, but we hope it will show shoppers that Fairtrade is spreading and also raise a smile. We are pleased to be working alongside both NorthLink and the Orkney Fair Trade Group on this venture.”

Have a great journey FT Banana!