Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight on Women - Rachel images

Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight on Women - Rachel

Rachel Farey is the Business Manager at the One World Shop.

1. When did you first find out about Fair Trade?

I first found about Fair Trade in 1985 when I visited the little One World Shop which had set up at St John's Church in Edinburgh. I noticed that it needed volunteers and I joined up. The shop was selling Campaign Coffee, jute bags, wooden boxes and lots of elephants! It was the first time I had come across the idea that you could make a huge difference to people's lives across the world through making informed purchasing choices and understanding about sourcing and clean supply chains.

2. Why do you think Fair Trade is important?

I think Fair Trade is important because whenever I meet a farmer or worker who has experienced the difference fair trade has made in their lives I am continually amazed at the vital impact it has made. Luz Marina has just visited us from Colombia, she spoke of how her community of coffee farmers has had a dramatic change in their circumstances; children are getting properly fed and going to school, the quality of their coffee production has increased, knowledge and understanding among the farmers has grown. She could not praise it enough, especially as she had been a child of a coffee farmer and rarely had enough to eat, or any chance of an education before Fair Trade was introduced to her area.

3. What are you doing for Fairtrade Fortnight?

I am having a busy Fairtrade Fortnight giving talks at schools, delivering stalls and organising special events with our visiting producers Pamela L'Intelligent from Mauritius and Luz Marina from Colombia. We had a big Fair Trade Festival Breakfast event in Edinburgh on Sat 5th March and we have a student night this week at the One World Shop called Fair Trade on your Doorstep - where global meets local. We want to attract more young people to get involved with the One World Shop and with Fair Trade in general.