UK keeps aid promise - IF Campaign images


UK keeps aid promise - IF Campaign

IF Campaign, a joint campaign delivered by over 100 charities in the UK including the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, has been pressurising the UK Government to keep its promise to the world's poorest people to spend 0.7% of our national income on life-saving aid. 

Thanks to our pressure, Chancellor George Osbourne has announced on Wednesday 20 March that the UK Government is keeping its promise. This means that millions of people living in poverty worldwide now have a brighter future – all thanks to the thousands of campaigners who spoke out and convinced our politicians not to back down.

This announcement has been 43 years in the making. Back in 1970, 22 countries committed to the 0.7% aid promise. Only five delivered. Until now. The UK has just become the first G8 country to keep its promise.

Even in tough times, we will not turn our back on the world’s poorest people. That’s the message we’ve sent out – loud and clear – to other rich countries.

More aid means more people with the opportunity to feed their family and work their way out of poverty. It’s an incredible achievement, and it’s all yours. Thank you for believing in a world with enough food for everyone.