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Tell your MEPs that you want fairer trading rules

A lot of the key global trading rules are decided by the EU.  Although the EU has the power to use these rules to help grow economies and protect human rights, the Trade Justice Movement reports that trade deals currently being negotiated by the EU include those that:

• secure big profits for European companies at the expense of people and the environment
• encourage the erosion of human, labour, and environmental rights
• restrict a country’s ability to provide food for its people
• threaten vital public services
• destroy jobs, small scale industries and livelihoods of small farmers
• leave us prone to global economic crises.

We can use the MEP elections, on 22nd May 2014, to tell the candidates that this isn't what we want.  Ask them to stand for fairer trading rules that help build sustainable livelihoods and protect the environment.

Two ways to take action:

1. Click here to email your MEP candidates.

2. Click here for the full MEP candidate lobbying guide, if you want ideas of how you can take this further.

Almost 30,000 people had already emailed their MEP candidates on the first day of the campaign, so there is clearly a lot of public interest in challenging unfair trading rules.  Together we can make our voices heard!