'Picture a Fair Trade Scotland' Project

The 'Picture a Fair Trade Scotland' competition was a huge success, with Queensferry Fair Trade Group claiming first prize with their photo 'Bridging the World with Fair Trade'. To see the winning entrant, click here.

The competition was just the beginning, however, and we are continuing our project of creating an archive of images from a country on the verge of becoming a Fair Trade Nation. If you think you can 'Picture a Fair Trade Scotland', and want to help create an important and thought -provoking national record, then we'd love you to get involved and help us by submitting a photo.

Photos should be on a Fair Trade theme, for example friends enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee, your local Fair Trade groups or schools holding an event in support of Fair Trade. We welcome creativity so you can also send us any photos that you think support our Campaign for making Scotland a Fair Trade Nation.

Get snapping!


Technical specifications

 You can use any camera you have, be it a mobile phone with Instagram, a standard point and shoot or professional equipment - get creative! We would appreciate it if any images submitted could be high resolution, no smaller than 2MB and no larger than 4MB.

The photos will be posted on our website, Facebook, and Flickr pages as they come in, and as there is no deadline for this, you can become a regular contributor!  

Please remember to include your name, age, where you’re from, the date the photograph was taken and a short description of your photo. The Scottish Fair Trade Forum will credit any photos we post.

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum reserves the right to use any photos submitted in its publications such as leaflets and annual reports, as well as on any other electronic media. 

Please email your photos to: Picture@sftf.org.uk.