Round-Up of Community Events from Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 images

Round-Up of Community Events from Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

During Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 a lot of towns, cities, and groups got involved to help celebrate Fairtrade in Scotland. The local Fairtrade groups worked extremely hard to organise and support events in their area. Here are some of the events that went on throughout Fairtrade Fortnight.



Since 2013 all of the Angus burghs under the banner of the Angus Fair Trade Zone have met annually for the "Angus Fair Trade Bake Off". This collaborative event has seen members of groups across Angus meet in friendly competition, sharing fantastic baking recipes which highlight Fairtrade products and a wealth of local produce found in Angus. This booklet includes some of the delicious entries to the town heats and the zone finals so you can enjoy making the treats yourself!



The Strathaven Fairtrade Group organised a coffee morning and a 'Design a Fairtrade Coaster' Primary schools competition. The event was a great success with primary school pupils painting Fairtrade wiooden figures - many thanks go to Fairtrade Group member Eileen Rowney and Fairtrade supporter Pat Dakin for their organisation of this fun event. There was also an excellent display of all the entries form the 7 local Primary schools. A list of winners is attached. Fairtrade teas and coffees were enjoyed by Fairtrade supporters in Strathaven, along with the parents and friends of the winners and pupils taking part in the craft event. 

The prizes were presented by Eric Hislop, President of Strathaven Rotary (who have been very faithful supporters of the Strathaven Fairtrade Group over many years), and Scotmid donated vouchers to the winners of the competition (again as they have done for many years). We are very grateful for the help both these groups have given to help Strathaven Fairtrade Group spread the Fairtrade news and habit. 



In Ullapool several events were organised including a Junior Indoor Football Torunament (in its 9th year); library displays and photographic exhibitions; and a Latin American Night celebrating South American Fair Trade produce and Latin American dancing.

The football event had Fairtrade footballs, from Bala Sport, and Fairtrade prizes for the winners. There were nine teams in the event all of whom gave it their all, and made it a exciting and competitive event.

All of these events had a great atmosphere with everyone having an amazing time celebrating Fairtrade. To read more about what happened at these events click here.

Ullapool Football trophy

Pictured: Football tournament trophy and Fairtrade football (Photo taken by Ullapool Fairtrade Group)