School Hoodie Competition Winners! images

Pamela L'Intelligent and colleagues at the Craft Aid Mauritius factory

School Hoodie Competition Winners!

At the end of April 2015, the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, in partnership with KoolSkools and Craft Aid Mauritius, announced the launch of the School Hoodie design competition. We received 65 submissions from children of Primary and Secondary School age, from which 6 winners were chosen.

We are delighted to announce the six winners as follows:

Primary School Age

Amy Hall of Sanford Primary, Strathaven

Neve O’Hagan of Corpus Christi RC Primary, Glasgow

Emma Shipley of Oakbank Primary, Perth

Secondary School Age

Alexander MacMillan of Hillpark LCR, Glasgow

Bryce Edgar of Hillpark LCR, Glasgow

Hannah Black of Kinross High School

The winners will be presented with a Fair Trade Cotton hoodie printed with their design by Craft Aid workers in Mauritius by Pamela L'Intelligent at a special Fairtrade Fortnight event on the 1st March.

The overall winner of the competition is Amy Hall, age 9, of Sanford Primary School. Many congratulations Amy, we can’t wait to see your design printed on your very own hoodie!

Martin Rhodes of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum said “I was delighted with the response to the competition. It’s really encouraging to see the enthusiasm for the promotion of Fairtrade Cotton in schools. Many congratulations to our six winnersand  many thanks to the pupils and schools for their work in promoting the competition and Fairtrade Cotton.“

Andy Ashcroft of KoolSkools said “We were delighted to see so many pupils from different schools getting involved with the School Hoodie design competition. It is really inspiring for us to see children thinking about how their clothes are made.  Koolskools would like to thank all who entered.” 

Fairtrade Cotton aims alleviate the hardships faced by the estimated 300 million people involved in the Cotton sector in low income countries. Workers and producers in these countries face many challenges including; the effects of climate change, complex supply chains, as well as competition from subsidised cotton from other countries.A  Fairtrade Cotton certification provides the producers in developing countries with a stable and higher price for their cotton, in addition to the Fairtrade Premium and ensuring a safe working environment. .You can read more about the history of cotton and why Fairtrade is so important in our resource here.

Many thanks to all the pupils, teachers and participating schools for their hard work & great designs.