Scottish Government FT Review

So much has already been achieved in Scotland to promote and increase the sale of fair trade food, lifestyle and handicraft merchandise. To help build on this success story, Martin Meteyard and Associates have recently been commissioned by the Scottish Government International Development Team to carry out a Review of Fair Trade Retail Promotion in Scotland, furthering Scottish Government’s ‘Beyond Aid’ agenda and commitment to Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The Review has the aim of informing action to further grow sales of fair trade goods in Scotland and will include:

  • identifying the distinct fair trade market in Scotland.
  • advice on how the sales of fair trade products can best be supported - both those carrying the Fairtrade mark and others carrying other ‘fair trade’ marks.
  • Recommend further action that can be taken to support awareness raising and promotional activity.

Over the next two months the research team, which is independently commissioned by Scottish Government and is not part of Scottish Fair Trade Forum,  will be data gathering from suppliers and retailers to the fair trade market in Scotland, through this surveys telephone interviews and workshops. A final report with recommendations for action will be published on the Scottish Government website.

Your views as a Supplier/ retailer, gathered through this survey,  will be central to informing the Scottish Government on further opportunities to support, promote and increase the visibility of Fair Trade throughout Scotland and increase sales.

We need your views and experiences of promoting fair trade sales and raising awareness of fair trade principles to help set the future agenda for fair trade in Scotland.

All data collected through these surveys will be anonymised and aggregated so that no individual organisations can be identified and will solely be used to inform the Review’s recommendations.

If you have any queries about the surveys or the review itself, please contact the team’s Principal Research Consultant or Project Manager at the mail address below:

Tor Justad
Principal Research Consultant  
E :  


Pauline Radcliffe
Project Manager
on behalf of Martin Meteyard & Associates