#TeamTuesday: Simone images

#TeamTuesday: Simone


What’s your role at the Forum?

I’m doing a 3-month internship with the Forum, and I only started last week. I’m a Communications Assistant, which means that I’ll help out with social media, updating the website and drawing up a Communications Strategy.


How did you get interested in Fair Trade?

During my time as an undergraduate at Aberdeen Uni (I only graduated two weeks ago), I was part of a few student societies which deal with issues of sustainable development, equal opportunities and trade justice. Even though I was able to engage with these topics to some degree, I thought it would be interesting to go into more depth while working for the Forum.




What’s the biggest challenge so far?

There’s just so much to know! I have basically spent the whole last week reading as much as I could, but it will still take me a while to gain full knowledge of all the organisations and groups the Forum is involved with, as well as all the Fair Trade events happening across Scotland.


…and the best reward?

The whole team is very nice. Starting somewhere new is always hard, but I feel really supported. I’m excited about learning more about the Forum and hopefully I’ll be of help as well! I’m also looking forward to going to the Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol next weekend (read more about the conference here).


What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

Chocolate probably!


Email Simone at simone.peschek@sftf.org.uk