#TeamTuesday: Angela images

#TeamTuesday: Angela


1) What’s your role at the Forum?

I'm a Volunteer Schools Advisor.


2) What have you been working on recently?

I've worked on bringing together organisations involved in education - educators and campaigners - to synchronise their work in teaching and learning of Fair Trade in schools.  We held an Education Forum in April this year and we also have a focus on cotton and are promoting the Cotton Unfolded on-line exhibition on the Forum's website. The schoolwear campaign aims to embed the values of Fair Trade in all aspects of school society. Moreover, we have been working with DECs (Development Education Centres) to give CPD training to teachers - there is a forthcoming trip to Inverness in September for Highland schools. 


3) Why is Fair Trade important to you?

It's an issue of justice. As consumers we are part of the producer-to-customer supply chain, so we have a responsibility to our fellows in that supply chain.


4) What’s the biggest challenge so far?

The pace of change.


5) What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

Divine Chocolate or Koolskools schoolwear, as I know the latter really makes a difference to the lives of workers.