#TeamTuesday: Claire images

#TeamTuesday: Claire


1) What’s your role at the Forum?

I am a Campaigns and Communications Volunteer!


2) How did you get interested in Fair Trade?

I first became interested when I was living in Thailand for my gap year and visited a worker’s community that sold Fairtrade products and heard individual stories about the workers who made them. With many people struggling to make a living in Northern Thailand, Fair Trade was one way that was actually helping, which caused my interest to grow.



3) What have you been working on recently?

 Over the last few months I wrote up a Local Fair Trade Activity Report, and am currently working on a research brief on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty (TTIP) and its impact on Fair Trade.


4) What’s the biggest challenge so far?

There are constantly new developments worldwide that are impacting Fair Trade, such as trade deals, which can be a challenge to keep up with. But that’s what makes it interesting!


5) What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

I love Fair Trade chocolate; I think Marks & Spencer's is particularly good, as well as Divine chocolate.