#TeamTuesday: Deirdre images

#TeamTuesday: Deirdre

1) What’s your role at the Forum?

I am the Office and Projects Manager. I look after the internal running of the organisation which means I am responsible for things like compliance/governance of the organisation, membership, day to day accounting, HR, office management and organising events. Along with this work I take on specific projects that are required at any given time. Like many third sector organisations, my role is not at all restricted to the above responsibilities but involves an input/involvement into most of what the Forum is doing at any one time.


2) What have you been working on recently?

Recently I have been prepping for our upcoming AGM for members (interested in becoming a member?), working on Q1 accounts and an office guide.


3) Why is Fair Trade important to you?

I became interested in Fair Trade as a result of a shift of understanding about the impact of traditional development/aid and its limits. It made sense to me that a sustainable approach to dealing with global inequality was to utilise a tool (trade) that is vital to all and try to alter that as a longer term solution.


4) What has been your highlight since you joined the Forum?

Highlights have to be meeting and spending time with producers we host here regularly. Learning about their lives, hearing their stories and maintaining friendships with these people is a definite perk of the job – along with the fun events and places I have visited – I will never forget marching around Kirkcudbright with a giant inflatable Fairtrade coffee cup!


5) What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

Being gluten intolerant I love the Tiana Fair Trade coconut flour.