#TeamTuesday: Jeevan images

#TeamTuesday: Jeevan

1) What’s your role at the Forum?

I'm a Campaigns and Communications volunteer, but I have also been handling the administration of our membership program. 


2) How did you get interested in Fair Trade?

I think it started with the launch of Divine chocolate. I remember watching a documentary about Kuapa Kokoo & the Fairtrade Foundation and thinking they were doing great work.  


3) What have you been working on recently?

I recently finished the first part of our membership drive for 2015. I've just started working on a research project on Fair Trade within the Sustainability movement. 


4) Why is Fair Trade important to you?

I think it's about justice not charity. To think that many of the world's farmers are also the world's hungry & poor, it just feels immoral. 


5) What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

I love Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate, but I'd have to say that my favourite Fair Trade product is Dr Bronner's liquid soap, I use it every day.