#TeamTuesday: Martin images

#TeamTuesday: Martin

1) What’s your role at the Forum?

I’m the Director with overall responsibility for the operation, finances and management of the Forum.


2) What have you been working on recently?

Public sector procurement – meeting with public sector procurers in local government and the NHS to find ways of increasing procurement of Fair Trade products; producing material for campaigners to use for engaging businesses with Fair Trade; preparations for the Forum’s AGM and Campaigner Conference – this is the most important day of the year for the Forum in terms of our governance and also for bringing campaigners together from all over Scotland to discuss Fair Trade issues and share ideas.


3) Why is Fair Trade important to you?

It offers a practical way of supporting producers now and also challenges the inequalities in global trading relations. It is something we can all be a part of by simple purchasing choices and by challenging those who spend our money to purchase fairly. Fair Trade is also important as a way of opening up international trading relations to scrutiny and challenging global inequality in wealth and power – Fair Trade has to be part of a trade justice agenda.


4) What would you like to achieve in the future?

I would like to see Scotland’s Fair Trade Nation status renewed in 2017 and also to see the model developed by other nations and regions across the world – the further development of a grassroots campaign for Fair Trade and global trading justice.


5) What’s your favourite Fair Trade product?

Zaytoun olive oil.