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Running for Fair Trade Nurseries

You may remember that back in September we celebrated the launch of the pilot Fair Trade Nurseries Scheme in East Dunbartonshire.  Now, Scottish Fair Trade Forum board member, Tracy Mitchell is doing a run on Sunday 12 May to raise more funds for the scheme. 

“I had the idea of promoting Fair Trade at Nursery level inspired by my daughter's recognition of the Fairtrade Mark well before she was 2 years old and her ability to help me set up the fair trade stall at church soon after! Whilst there are official schemes for schools to become Fairtrade Schools there is currently no formal scheme for nurseries and no specific resources for this age group. Our pilot has been promoting knowledge about Fair Trade, not only for the growing children, but also for their families and the community at large.”

The pilot project has been running throughout East Dunbartonshire with about 45 local authority and partnership nurseries participating.  Some of the criteria to join the scheme included setting up a Fair Trade Committee that involved some children.  Nurseries should also have a Fair Trade policy, use fair trade products as much as possible such as in staffroom and at meetings, in meals and snack for children and staff, in cookery and sports activities and in uniforms.  Nurseries were also asked to teach about fair trade at least twice a year and promote fair trade with parents, relatives and the community at least three times a year, including during Fairtrade Fortnight. 

Having successfully run the pilot this year it is now hoped to roll out the programme nationally – but we need to develop some suitable resources and we need some funding to enable this.

If you would like to help this idea become a reality please consider sponsoring Tracy for this weekend’s Women’s 10K by visiting our mydonate fundraising page: 

It will really help her get round the course to know something positive is going to happen as a result!