WFTO launch new product label images

WFTO launch new product label

Internationally Certified Fair Trade Label launched by WFTO

The World Fair Trade Organisation has recently launched an international label for Fair Trade. With this Fair Trade label, consumers will be able to identify products in the international marketplace produced by businesses that meet the high economic, social and environmental sustainability criteria. Fair Trade Organisations are fully committed to sustainable production, and this label stands as a guarantee of this high quality. 

Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, transparency and accountability, payment of a fair price, no child labour or forced labour, long-term trading relations, gender equity and women’s economic empowerment, freedom of association, good working conditions, capacity-building, and respect for the environment are the principles of Fair Trade that organizations should adhere to in order to comply with the Guarantee System and use the WFTO label on their products. The label can be put on packaging or tags of handicraft and food products as an assurance that the products are produced and/or traded by guaranteed Fair Trade Organisations whose practices are checked against these 10 Fair Trade principles globally acknowledged. 

In marking this important step Rudi Dalvai, the President of WFTO said the following: “There are no international public regulations for the certification of Fair Trade products. Private entities can deliberately set up their own criteria and certify single products without considering the practices of the company that sells these products.That is why it is of utmost importance to have a label that allows consumers to clearly identify the organisations who are 100% committed to Fair Trade.” 

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum has invited Mr Dalvai to speak at a special lecture at Strathclyde University where he will be discussing his vision for the future of Fair Trade and the launch of the WTFO label; if you are interested in attending click here

Today, more than 50 Fair Trade Organisations are already guaranteed and can use the WFTO label. More than 230 in over 70 different countries are underway.