12 May: World Fair Trade Day 2018 images

Photo credit: World Fair Trade Organization

12 May: World Fair Trade Day 2018

Saturday 12 May 2018 is World Fair Trade Day!

World Fair Trade Day is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) that takes place on the second Saturday of May each year. It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to sustainable development, especially the economic empowerment of small producers, gender equality in workplaces and responsible production practices.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

- Visit Paisley on Saturday 12 May (10am - 12pm) for a screening of the True Cost movie at the Tannahill Centre and to hear from Anak Norm, a WFTO visiting producer from Cambodia. Sign up here

- Visit the Paisley Thread Mill Museum to see the first appearance of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum's World Fair Trade photo exhibition and have a chance to speak to Anak about her company and its products. More information here

- Participate in the World Fair Trade Organization's "Live fair, one product at a time" social media campaign. Take a photo of yourself with a Fair Trade product, add the "Live Fair" frame to your photo and upload to social media to raise awareness of the products you buy that are good for people and the environment. Add the hashtags #LiveFair and #FairTradeDay to your posts and tag the Forum @FairTradeNation to connect with fellow campaigners around the world.