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March 2017- Can Scotland still call itself a Fair Trade Nation? - Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland once more

On the 1st of March of 2017, the Minister for International Development & Europe for Scotland announced that Scotland had been assessed as a Fair Trade Nation once more. The Fair Trade Nation status was first achieved in 2013. This reassessment confirms the ongoing progress Scotland has made in its commitment to supporting and purchasing Fair Trade. The reassessment report can be downloaded here.



Fair Trade Nation StampFebrurary 2013- Can Scotland call itself a Fair Trade Nation? - First Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland

Scotland achieved its Fair Trade Nation status on 25 February 2013. This is the report that was submitted, setting out Scotland's claim to be recognised as a Fair Trade Nation. It presents a summary of the evidence to measure Scotland's progress against agreed criteria and also gives a flavour of the diversity of Fair Trade activity; the breadth and depth of commitment across various sectors of society; and the growing awareness, understanding and purchasing of Fair Trade within society. Download the report here