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Why get involved

In an increasingly competitive world it is important that businesses support ethical standards of production that people aspire to. It is clear that these standards are growing into expectations among the public and public bodies, and today it has never been easier for businesses to show their commitment to sustainable, responsible and fairer standards in production.

Fair Trade products fulfil the ethical commitments to fairer wages, improved working conditions and community investment that many people in the developing world have not been able to depend on. By investing in Fair Trade, businesses are directly supporting them, while also ensuring high quality and ethical standards in their own enterprises.

Studies have shown that consumers engage strongly with Fairtrade, with 9/10 people trusting Fairtrade, nearly 8/10 people being aware of what it stands for, and sales of Fair Trade goods increasing in 2012 by 19% in the UK and rising.

Your business could be a part of this success, and the ways you can get involved could range from large to small, but all of which will go a long way to creating better lives for people all over the world. Our achievement in becoming a certified Fair Trade Nation has been underpinned by the efforts of communities and enterprises, but if we are looking to solidify and build on this we will need the continued support of Scotland's institutions and businesses to realise our ambitions.

If you would like to discuss with us the ways that you can further support Fair Trade please do not hesitate to email us at info@sftf.org.uk