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Aberdeen University Profile

Institution: University of Aberdeen        

Number of Students: 13,000                       

Number of Staff: 3,000

Achieved Fairtrade Status: April 2007

In November 2005, Aberdeen University Campus Services and the Student Association (AUSA) embarked on a joint venture to endow the University of Aberdeen with Fairtrade Status and set up a Fairtrade Steering Group. This group was tasked with guiding the university through the Fairtrade accreditation process, and raising awareness within the university community of Fair Trade.

Throughout the initiative, the relationship between the University and the Students Association became crucial, and the University provided a budget to allow the steering group to promote Fair Trade. 

Within two years of the initial decision to support Fair Trade, the University was awarded Fairtrade Status in April 2007. Arguably this was the catalyst for a wider commitment towards sustainability and corporate responsibility in Aberdeen University - an Environmental Forum has recently been established to examine ethical issues such as procurement and waste disposal.

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