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Fair Trade Nation Campaign

The achievement of Fair Trade Nation status for Scotland, first in February 2013 and once more in March 2017,  signals to the world that Scotland takes an active leadership role in challenging global poverty, recognising the dignity and rights of producers through a commitment to fairness in international trading. The Forum and its supporters, including individual campaigners, Scotland based non-governmental organisations and the Scottish Government have all worked tirelessly to fulfil criteria drawn up jointly by the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government in 2006.

Scotland first achieved Fair Trade Nation status in February 2013. This would not have been possible had it not been for work put into various campaigns such as the Countdown Campaign 2011 and the 'Scotland is Going Fair Trade – Are You?' campaign in 2012. These campaigns, which were backed by ordinary members of the public as well as Scottish celebrities, like Sir Alex Ferguson, Ian Banks and Sir Sean Connery, gave a new injection of enthusiasm into our day-to-day work.

The Countdown Campaign 2011 was launched in November 2010. It aimed to show the national scale of support for Fair Trade by getting at least one individual or organisation a day to commit to the cause throughout 2011.

The 'Scotland is Going Fair Trade – Are You?' campaign was launched in February 2012 to gather momentum as we approached our target to announce Fair Trade Nation status. Politicians, parliamentarians and members of the general public were asked to pledge their support by signing and returning a postcard.

Looking forward

In between larger public appeals and campaigns, we have continued to work with towns and local authorities, schools, colleges and universities, as well as businesses across Scotland to more consciously embrace Fair Trade. This work has culminated in Fair Trade status being achieved at most Scottish universities, many of its schools and even more recently at nurseries.