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About Fair Trade Nurseries

One of the great things about Fair Trade is that it fits into nursery activities very easily - you may find you are doing Fair Trade activities already! The themes and values of Fair Trade compliment many other awards and schemes, such as Learning for Sustainability, Ecoschools and Food for Life.

Steps towards becoming a Fair Trade Nursery

The Fairtrade Foundation has recently opened up the Fairtrade Schools Award to nurseries. There are three stages to the award: FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever. To start working towards your award you need to register on the Fairtrade Schools website.

The Fair Trade Nurseries team is here to support Early Learning establishments in their applications for the FairAware (or higher) status, and we have created this Introduction to Fair Trade resource and this FAQ guide to help.

The objective of Fair Trade Nurseries

The structure of the award aims to help nurseries and schools to achieve three broad goals:

  1. Learn about Fair Trade

    We have developed learning materials that are tailored to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence to help 3-5 year olds learn about Fair Trade through their experience; whether it be through play, arts and crafts, music or discussions.  Find out more about links to the curriculum.

  2. Take action for Fair Trade

    Raise awareness within the nursery, and with parents, relatives and the wider community.  Hold an event such as a Fairtrade bake sale or have a Fairtrade producer come and visit your nursery.  The Fairtrade Foundation have developed challenges for schools and nurseries to take one - why not give one a go? 

  3. Use Fair Trade products as much as possible

    Swap to Fair Trade products at your nursery. This includes in the staffroom, at meetings, in meals and snacks for children, in uniforms and in cooking and sport activities.

More information

We have a number of resources and Fair Trade Nursery activity ideas that you can use and adapt in your nursery which are available here.  You can of also sign up to the Fair Trade Schools and Nurseries Newsletter for regular updates of new resources, information and news.

Need more information or help getting started?  Just contact us and we will help you on your way!  Email us at schools@sftf.org.uk