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Fair Trade in your Nursery

The aim of the Fair Trade Nurseries project is to embed Fair Trade concepts and values into culture of nurseries.  Using the activities to learn about Fair Trade is an important part of this; but so is using Fair Trade day to day – whether it be through learning activities or just having a cup of tea in the staff room, we have some great ideas to get you started.

Fair Trade products.

A great way to use as many Fair Trade products as possible is to make sure food and snacks prepared in the nursery are Fair Trade.  Many products carry the blue and green Fairtrade mark, making them easier to spot in independent shops and supermarkets across the country. Tea, coffee and biscuits for the staffroom should also be Fair Trade!

The range of Fair Trade products available is vast and growing all the time! Did you know that you can now buy Fair Trade shoes, baked beans, soap and furniture? The range of Fairtrade marked products can be found here.


If your nursery has a uniform, you could consider having them made with Fair Trade cotton.  You can ask suppliers to source Fairtrade cotton uniforms; it is likely that your current supplier will be able to source this and you won’t have to change the way it is supplied.  You can find a list of Fairtrade Cotton School and Nursery-wear suppliers here.


You can use Fair Trade in your activities too! Here are some example:

Have a Fair Trade baking day! This is a great activity to do with young children, and an easy way to start using Fairtrade products. Have a look at the yummy Fairtrade recipes for inspiration!

Having a fun day? Why not have a Fair Trade stall? You could sell Fair Trade goodies or display Fair Trade artwork.

Time to get creative! Fair Trade is really easy to integrate into creative activities – children can draw the Fairtrade logo; make sensory collages using Fairtrade products such as rice and cotton wool.  If things are a little quiet, you could liven things up by making Fair Trade rice shakers and making up a song about Fair Trade! You can see Castlehill Nursery’s song here.

Our Nurseries Resource Pack also contains further activity ideas. It can be downloaded here.

As you can see there are lots of ways you can start using Fair Trade products every day. 

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