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Linking to the Curriculum

Fair Trade covers a range of different areas in the curriculum, including Religious and Moral Philosphy, Social Sciences and Health and Wellbeing.  We have developed resources to help nursery staff incorporate Fair Trade into the learning experiences of their children.

One of the great things about Fair Trade is that it fits into nursery activities very easily - you may find you are doing some Fair Trade activities already. The themes and values of Fair Trade also compliment many other awards and schemes, such as Learning for Sustainability, Eco-Schools and Food for Life. 

Linking to the Curriculum
Fair Trade contributes across several different areas in the curriculum, including: Religious and Moral Philosophy, Social Sciences and Health and Wellbeing.  

Take a look at our Nurseries Resource Pack which should help to:

  • Introduce the concepts of Fair Trade
  • Explain how Fair Trade can be explored in nursery settings
  • Explain how Fair Trade links to the curriculum

You can access this resource here.