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Linking to the Curriculum

Fair Trade covers a range of different areas in the curriculum, including Religious and Moral Philosphy, social Sciences and Health and Wellbeing.  We have developed resources to help nursery staff incorporate Fair Trade into the learning experiences of their children.

How to use the resources

We understand the importance of child led learning in the care and education of younger children. The following guides are intended to be used when staff have observed the children in their nursery showing interest towards concepts relating to Fair Trade, and adapted to suit the needs and capabilities of different children in different environments.

We believe that the concepts of Fair Trade are extremely relevant in the nursery setting. Perhaps a nursery practioner hears the words ʻThatʼs not FAIRʼ every day? We can be asking children ʻWhat is fair?ʼ. ʻTradingʼ is also a concept that is extremely popular in Early Years education. Many children love to play in the shop area, will be interesting in ʻswappingʻ things with their friends at snack time and have some understanding of items that they believe have more worth than others (ʻthe blue train goes faster so itʼs betterʼ). Perhaps daily discussion of ʻFairʼ and ʻTradeʼ occur at the nursery so how can we help children to develop this understanding and relate it to the wider world?

The following activity ideas are suggestions of how to develop childrenʼs concept of Fair Trade. Each activity builds on concepts addressed in previous onces and advises on how to support and extend the childrenʼs thinking. These are suggestions and feel free to use your own imagination to use the accompanying resources in any way you think would work in your nursery.

The nursery is always a busy environment and nursery staff have so many things to do during their day. We hope this resource helps you to implement activties that are meaningful, enjoyable and develop the concept of Fair Trade in an easy and non-time consuming way.

Activity Ideas

There are a variety of activities you can conduct in the nursery to explore the concept and practice of Fair Trade. The following are suggestions of how you could begin to integrate Fair Trade into your nursery.  Please note, these are just a guide, and you should be able to adapt these ideas to suit your children and environment. 

** These resources are free for educational use in Scotland.**

Around the world snack time activity

Banana Day activity

Fair Trade logo hunt activity

Fair Trade cocoa artwork activity

How food gets to us activity

Pancake Day activity

Fair Trade Freddie activity

Role play activity

Supermarket visit activity

If you fancy creating your own activity then feel free to use this template: Fair Trade activity template

Fair Trade Passport

The students at Forth Valley College developed lots of activites for nursery children for their Fair Trade Fortnight celebration.  They created a Fair Trade passport so the children could collect stamps throughout the day - you can download the passport here.

It starts with a story.....

Stories are a great way to start integrating Fair Trade themes into the nusery.  We've compiled a list of books what would be helpful, you can download it here.  

Something missing?  If you know of books or stories that aren't on the list please let us know!  Email and we will update it as soon as possible!


CFE Outcomes and Experiences potentially incorporated

Fairtrade and CFE undoubtly merge easily to provide children with a wonderful beginning to care for themselves and for the world around them. The following are just some of the CFE outcomes and experiences can be potentially covered in these activity ideas:

  • I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them. HWB 0-01a
  • I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. I explore and discover where foods come from as I choose, prepare foods and taste different foods. HWM 0-35a
  • As I develop and value relationships, I care and show respect for myself and others. HWB 0-05a
  • I am developing respect for others and my understanding of their beliefs and values. RME 0-07a
  • As I play and learn, I am developing my understanding of what is fair and unfair and why caring and sharing are important. RME 0-09a
  • By exploring my local community, I have discovered the different roles people can play and how they can help. SOC 0-16a
  • I make decisions and take responsibility in my everyday experiences and play, showing consideration for others. SOC 0-17a
  • In real-life settings and imaginary play, I explore how local shops and services provide us with what we need in our daily lives. SOC 0-20a

The Fair Trade Nurseries scheme is interdisciplinary and covers many different areas.  As well as learning about Fair Trade, one of the goals is to use Fair Trade products as much as possible.  We have lots of resources and ideas to help you do this here.

We are in the process of developing some new resources espeically for nurseries.  If you have any ideas for good activites or have been using resources not listed on this page, please let us know by emailing