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Resources for taking action

Engaging with your community

An important part of the Fairtrade Schools Award is taking action for Fair Trade and engaging with your community.  Taking part in, or holding an event may seem daunting at first, but we have lots of ideas and resources to support you.

90kg Rice Challenge

The 90kg Rice Challenge was set up by Just Trading Scotland.  It challenges groups to sell 90kg of Fair Trade Kilombero rice with their community.  Selling this amount of rice pays for one year of high school in Malawi, so well worth it!  This is a great opportunity to work with other nurseries or groups in your community; in East Dunbartonshire, nurseries joined together to sell a Fair Trade Tonne during Fairtrade Fortnight.  You can read more about it here.


If your nursery is holding, or taking part in a community fun day, a Fair Trade stall is a great way to help raise awareness.  You could sell Fair Trade goodies or have information about what Fair Trade is and any campaigns you are working on. The Scottish Fair Trade Forum has information and leaflets that it can provide for you, just get in touch.

Fair Trade Coffee Mornings

This is a simple yet effective way of taking action.  Invite members of your local community to a Fair Trade coffee morning and indulge in some Fair Trade tea, coffee and treats.  You can make an event of it by organising a Fair Trade Bake-off!  This is a very popular idea (no wonder with all those delicious Fair Trade goodies!) and there are lots of easy Fair Trade recipes around to get started.  Have a look at some here.

There are lots of other ways you can get involved, and our members often host events that you can join in - you can find them on our Events page.  Do you have an event that you would like to promote?  Email and we can put it on our website and promote on our social media channels.


Fair Trade Mark Nursery Rhymes

We have developed a range of Fair Trade-themed nursery rhymes, designed to help younger children engage with Fair Trade topics

Song: Fairtrade Mark

Written and Performed by: Anne Butler

 Song: What Does the Farmer Grow?

Written and Performed by: Anne Butler

Song: If You Like to Eat Bananas

Written and Performed by: Anne Butler

If you would like mp3-versions of the songs, you can email:

Animation: Freddy and Flora's Quest for Fairness

Forth Valley College: Nursery Book

HNC Early Education and Childcare students at Forth Valley College launched a nursery book 'The Adventures of Jolly Trolly' in 2016. The book follows the character 'Jolly Trolly' who goes on a mystical learning adventure discovering all about Fair Trade.

You can access an audio version of the book here. 

Linking with the curriculum

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum has developed resources to help you build Fair Trade into your curriculum planning; for more information on this see ‘Linking to the curriculum’.  Fair Trade sits across many areas of the Curriculum for Excellence, but the key links are with Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education, and Health and Wellbeing.  Click here to see how they link to some of the key themes of Fair Trade. 

Useful Links

Fairtrade Schools Award explained – this is a document which explains a little more about the Fairtrade Schools Award, including answers some FAQs.

Fair Trade Nurseries Facebook Group: This group has been set up to allow Early Years practitioners to share best practice, activity ideas, news and questions.

Introduction to Fair Trade - this is a presentation with basic information about Fair Trade.  Although it may not be suitable for young children, it is an excellent introduction for Early Learning and Childcare Practitioners as well as family members and the wider community.


Development Education Centres Scotland (DECS): There are 6 DECS across Scotland in Aberdeen, Coatbridge, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness:

Highland One World

Montgomery DEC (Aberdeen)

One World Centre (Dundee)

Scotdec (Edinburgh)

Conforti Insitute (Coatbridge)

West of Scotland DEC

RISC Resource Bank: This site has lots of learning resources for integrating global citizenship at every level

Oxfam Education website: Oxfam have some resources suitable for early years on their education website

Signpost: An online resource bank for global citizenship.  The website allows you to search by level or by subject, and you can order resources online or borrow them from your local DEC