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Become a Fairtrade School


What you need to do before you start

All you need to know about becoming a Fairtrade School can be found on the Fairtrade Foundation schools website and their Become a Fairtrade School page. There are three stages to the Award: FairAware, FairActive and FairAchiever.

To start working towards becoming a Fairtrade School first of all you need a teacher to register your interest. Click here to go to the Fairtrade Foundation to register.  


Next Steps
When you are ready, start working on the following three stages:

1. The FairAware Award is the first Fairtrade Schools Award, and supports your school to find out about Fairtrade activities already going on in school, and learn about issues around Fairtrade. Complete the audits and the Learning Challenge and your school will be ready to log in and complete your self-assessment to get the FairAware Award.

Please note: the Fairtrade Foundation has made some amendments to the FairAware Award application process so your school can achieve the award even if classes are not taking place as normal. Check out the FairAware Award section for more details.

2. The FairActive Award is the second Fairtrade Schools Award, and helps your school to get Fairtrade active.  Just work through the following steps (more detailed information on the FairActive Award webpage).

  • Set up a Fairtrade Group
  • Hold an assembly
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Hold an Event
  • Take one of the Fairtrade Challenges

3. The FairAchiever Award is the final step in the Fairtrade Schools Award. At this point the school has fully embedded Fairtrade into its daily life and worked to raise awareness of Fairtrade in its local community. You will need to submit evidence to become a FairAchiever School which will be assessed by an independent assessor. Below are the requirements for this step (more details on the FairAchiever Award webpage).

  • Adopt a Fairtrade Policy (Click here to download a template.)
  • Review the Action Plan
  • Carry out audits
  • Embed learning
  • Take two of the Fairtrade Challenges

Logging your evidence
You need evidence to prove your school has achieved these three stages.  Keep electronic copies of all your documents so that you can apply online.  Start uploading your evidence whenever you like. It will take you at least a year to reach all three stages. When you are ready, submit your evidence.