Fairtrade Cotton Schoolwear Campaign


The Scottish Fair Trade Forum's Fairtrade Cotton Schoolwear Campaign was piloted in East Dunbartonshire in 2010 and is now active across Scotland.

Download the evaluation and the executive summary for the East Dunbartonshire pilot here.

Campaign Aims

To raise awareness of the injustices surrounding cotton production
To help schools switch to Fairtrade cotton schoolwear
To encourage shops and suppliers to stock Fairtrade cotton schoolwear

Taking part will help schools achieve Fairtrade School and Eco-School status, meet requirements for the Curriculum for Excellence and contribute to Education for Citizenship.

Further information and resources

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions for you to download. 

Check out the Cotton Unfolded online exhibition.

Click on the sections below for lots more information and resources.

For a list of Fairtrade cotton schoolwear suppliers please click here.

Get involved

If you need more information or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us on schools@sftf.org.uk.