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Fairtrade Cotton Hoodies

Students at St Andrew's RC High School in Kirkcaldy set an example to us all by getting Fairtrade hoodies made for the school.

St Andrew's RC High School, Kirkcaldy - Fairtrade Cotton Hoodies
"Fairtrade is one of the most popular committees in our school and the Fairtrade cotton hoody is a prized possession." So says a sixth year pupil at St Andrews' RC High School in Kirkcaldy.

The Fairtrade cotton hoodies were launched at St Andrew's High in 2010 on the first day of Fairtrade Fortnight and are worn by the Fairtrade committee. They are very popular with the students. A raffle held, with one of the original Fairtrade cotton hoodies as a prize, raised over £100 by selling raffle tickets to pupils wanting to be the owner of such a unique item. The range was quickly expanded to include Fairtrade cotton hoodies for a school trip to Madrid.

Pupils are keen to make a stand against unethical clothing, something they say most young people in Scotland support. They make the point that "when we have the ability to make a change, we have a responsibility to do so".

The hoodies were purchased from Acorn Printing who supplied the personalised garments at a discounted rate for schools. Acorn sourced the hoodies from Epona Clothing, one of the first companies to produce Fairtrade cotton clothing in the UK. Epona has helped over 4,000 farmers to receive a guaranteed fair price for their cotton and has assisted farmers to invest in local, social and environmental projects.

The quality of the hoodies is good and teacher, Miss Fergusson, verifies that the quality of the printed colours and the washability of the clothing have improved with each order.

The Fairtrade Committee is now planning to expand the Fairtrade cotton ethos in their school and is considering t-shirts for pupils to be worn on sports day and in PE, in three house colours with house names printed on the back and with the Fairtrade symbol on the arm.

The popularity of the Fairtrade cotton hoodies inspired over 90 S6 pupils to sign up last year to join the Fairtrade committee. Their hoodies are a mark of the personal commitment they make to be part of a better future.