Linking with the Curriculum

Fair Trade and a Curriculum for Excellence

Learning and teaching about Fair Trade provides an ideal focus for cross-curricular work, as well as motivating pupils of all ages to expand their horizons about overarching issues affecting their day-to-day lives.

Important themes such as enterprisecitizenshipsustainable developmentinternational education and creativity need to be developed in a range of contexts. Learning related to these themes is therefore built into the experiences and outcomes across the curriculum areas. 

Click on the links below to access some information relating to teaching and learning about Fair Trade.  We have included samples of relevant introductory statements, experiences and outcomes, and one example of a possible activity under each subject area.

Most activities, however, will contribute to a variety of experiences and outcomes across subject areas and are adaptable according to age or level.  We're sure you can think of lots more ideas!

Thanks to Janis Keast at Highland One World, who kindly contributed these pages.