Just Business Resources

These resources were originally published on the website of 'Just Business', a project of Norfolk Education and Action for Development (NEAD) and have been given to The Forum by kind permission of NEAD and the Project Director, Stephen Fairbrass.  The resources may be reproduced and used free of charge in formal or informal educational settings, but not exploited for commercial gain. Please click on the links below to download these excellent resources.

Development Education Toolbox

A variety of transferable methods and activities that can be used in the classroom to incorporate ideas of co-operative learning and respecting the values of others, while raising awareness of issues relating to global justice and inequality.

Debt Game

A role-playing game to teach about the issue of 'third world' debt. 

Debt Game Younger Role Cards

Role cards for younger pupils playing the Debt Game.

Global Mobile

Mobile phones connect people and places through more than just calls.  Discover who and what are involved in making this tiny device, how you can take action or find out more!

Labour Behind the Labels

This resource, Labour Behind the Labels, can be used in Business Studies as well as Global Citizenship and Fair Trade.  Labour Behind the Label is no longer a project of NEAD and is now based in Bristol.  It has since created a new resource on the same theme called Step into Her Trainers which can be downloaded. 

The Banana Game

The Banana Game is a variation on the Banana Split game that introduces the reality of who gets what in the banana trade.

The Coffee Game

The Coffee Game aims to enable participants to gain an understanding of the way in which international trade in a crop grown for export affects the families in four countries.  Suitable for 14 - 19 year olds.

The Tourism Game

A role playing exercise to explore the costs and benefits of the development of a tourist industry - suitable for 14 - 19 year olds.


'Timber' is a role playing exercise examining the issue of deforestation. The game allows exploration of globalisation and sustainability themes, and encourages ethical debate.