Resources for Classrooms

We have gathered together many excellent Fair Trade resources that cover a host of subjects to help you with your Fair Trade work in schools. All Cotton Resources for Classrooms can be found on our Cotton Campaign page.

The UK Education Systems
This table gives an overview of the different age-group stages within the UK education systems.

Educational Resources

Scottish Fairtrade Forum Educational Resources for Classrooms

Fair's Fair
An easy to use Youth Activity Pack from the Forum and Youth Scotland designed to promote debate and discussion around the issues of fair trade.  It covers food, clothes, cosmetics and electronics.  For more information and to order a pack please click here.

Hamish Goes To Kenya
The Forum worked directly with Fairtrade producers to create Hamish Goes to Kenya, a delightful short play that you can use in the classroom. Click here to download the Teacher's Book that accompanies the play.

Just Business Resources
These resources were originally published on the website of 'Just Business', a project of Norfolk Education and Action for Development (NEAD) and have been given to The Forum by kind permission of NEAD and the Project Director, Stephen Fairbrass.  The resources may be reproduced and used free of charge in formal or informal educational settings, but not exploited for commercial gain. Please click on the link above to access and download these excellent resources.

External Educational Resources for Classrooms

Banana Link Resources

BBC Learning Zone

CAFOD Resources for schools, children and young people

Carlogie School Fairtrade Café Guide
This resource is brilliant.  It was developed by Primary 6 and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to start up your own Fairtrade Café business.  They have very kindly given us permission to put it on our website for you to download.  Just click on the link above.   Congratulations to all involved – what a fabulous achievement!

Christian Aid Teaching resources

Connecting Classrooms Resources

Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS) Learning and teaching resources

Education Scotland Home Page

Fairtrade Foundation Education Resources

FAIRTRADE Wales Fairtrade Schools

Fashion Revolution Resources

Global Dimension Resources by age, subject and topic

Just Trading Scotland: The 90kg Rice Challenge – Resources for Schools

Labour Behind the Label Guides, reports, educational resources and more

Oxfam Oxfam Education

Pa Pa Paa Teach about Fair Trade and Cocoa

RISC Resources


Signposts to Global Citizenship Resources for teaching

Tom Palmer Free Fair Play Teaching Pack Puffin children's writer Tom Palmer has a great Fair Play teaching pack to accompany his book Offside.  The teaching pack is about Fair Trade chocolate, football and literacy, based on the book Offside and his research trip to Ghana to write it.  It is available free to download by clicking the Teaching Pack link above.  It is aimed at late primary (7-11 year olds) and early secondary (11-14 year olds) and covers geography, ICT, English, PSHE, Citizenship, and Art.

Traidcraft Fairtrade teaching resources


Juliana's Bananas by Ruth Walton  An educational resource to help children of 5 and up explore Fairtrade through the eyes of the children of banana farmers in the Windward Islands in the Caribbean.

Explore! Fair Trade by Jillian Powell  This book is packed with essential information on Fair Trade.  It includes the history of Fair Trade and its products, Fair Trade stats and facts, interviews with workers, the difference fair trade makes to the people producing the goods, the ten princlples of fair trade, and how fair trade practices affect the environment.

Posters and Leaflets

Fairtrade Producer Leaflet shows how Fairtrade improves producers' lives through the words of the producers themselves and gives essential facts on how producers have benefited from Fairtrade. Also available from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.

Enterprise Education and Fair Trade  This leaflet gives examples of successful enterprise projects in schools and includes useful links to teaching resources on business education and Fair Trade.

Films and Videos

Fairtrade Foundation has some excellent short films on a variety of Fairtrade issues, including cotton and bananas.

Fairtrade Foundation's video on Fairtrade footballs is an informative and inspiring story about the difference Fair Trade can make in the sport ball industry.

Koolskools has a short film about the workers behind their Fairtrade cotton schoolwear.

DECs Contact your local Development Education Centre (DEC) to use a variety of films they have in their libraries.

The Lithuanian Consumer Institute Fairtrade: Not only a slogan.  This short cartoon is a great visual introduction to Fairtrade.

Information and Reports

Labour Behind the Label Tailored Wages UK: are the big brands paying the people who make our clothes enough to live on?

Ethical Consumer Ethical reports for consumers on a wide range of consumer products.

Online Games

Below are some games that can be played online in schools.  If you know of any other online resources not listed here, please let us know by emailing

CAFOD Fairtrade Shopper

Dubble has lots of online chocolate games.

Pa Pa Paa LIVE! Connect via webcast with children in Ghana, whose parents are Fairtrade cocoa farmers. In association with Divine Chocolate.