Abronhill Primary School

The children of Abronhill Primary School completed a 90kg Rice Challenge last year. Joyce Shannon (retired Depute Heat Teacher) has written the passage below:

The pupil Fairtrade Group at Abronhill enthusiastically took up the 90kg Rice Challenge. Each class was then involved in promoting and selling the rice. Middle stage classes designed and displayed posters in the local library and shops. Pupils used a section of the school eco-board to report back on progress, using a chart from the 90kg pack.

Pupils informed parents via the school and pupil newsletters, describing the benefit to the education of a Malawian child that buying the rice would bring. Parents and friends responded by buying the rice.

Our Early stage classes enjoyed cooking with the rice during their structured play sessions. Recipes with rice featured in the Friday Cooking Club. We asked for feedback from our parents who had tried the rice at home. Mrs. McLellan, a parent, commented: "The children really enjoyed taking part. I have two children at school. I thought the project was good because they could both be involved in it. The children helped to cook it at home. We really enjoyed the rice." These comments were posted beside the chart counting down the number of bags we had to sell to reach the target of 90 bags. Steadily numbers were being crossed off!

To encourage sales the Fairtrade Group organised a Fairtrade Fun Day featuring a "Taster Table" of dishes made with the rice to encourage sales. More pupils bought the rice after this event and more crosses appeared on the chart! Our Senior classes took part in an Ethical Enterprise project with Abronhill High School running a Fairtrade Tearoom; setting up a Fairtrade stall; and selling the rice to local community groups. They set up the stall during our Parents nights and open evenings. By working together and with everyone's efforts we sold the last bag of rice!

Mrs. Cullen, a Parent Council member, commented on the success and impact of the project: "The children really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. They learned to appreciate that by buying the rice they were making a huge difference for a child in Malawi."

The above information came from Just Trading Scotland's website where you can read about other schools' successful 90kg Rice Challenges. Why not take up the challenge yourselves?