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As a result of seeing the Soumya Dancers in Inverurie over the summer and Paul Wright playing his sitar in Dundee, Mrs Findlay, one of the staff leading our Fairtrade group, came up with the excellent idea of running an Indian cultural evening. After being put in touch with the Aberdeen Hindu Association who meets regularly in Queens Cross Church Hall, they were able to offer the help and support of a drummer, Ram Subramanian of Beej School of Arts, and Lakshmi, who brought along children to re-enact the story of Rama and Sita.

Emma S (U6F) and Zany M (U6F) showed their DVDs of their Outlook Expedition to India earlier this year and their team members shared their best memories of their trip. Rishis Indian Restaurant provided Indian snacks whilst three Albyn Mums, Mrs Shah, Mrs Saravanan and Mrs Digavadekar brought home made sweets for everyone to taste. Indian crafts were sold which had been sourced from Traidcraft or Shared Earth. Pratik D (U3D) and Pranav T (U1F) proudly wore their Indian attire, along with many other Indian visitors, young and old. Around 100 people attended and £112 profit will be given to "Little Drops," a charity of which Lakshmi is a Director. Paul also spent the afternoon with the A level Music class, who are studying Indian music. Ram hopes to be able to share the expertise from his school of arts with the music department in the future. The School's culture club made two quizzes for people to test their knowledge of India together - one for children and one for adults. They also plan to visit Lower 3 classes who are studying India and Hinduism. There was a lovely atmosphere with parents, children and visitors working together and enjoying this cultural evening.

We are so grateful to those who were so ready to help out in advance with baking, setting up the hall and taking an active part in the event. It was unbelievable, what a buzz there was about the event.

Comments from guests

"Thank you very much for the lovely evening. It was wonderful to see everybody coming together." -Mrs May (teacher)

"Thanks so much for the invite to your Indian night. I came with Harish, Poorna and Gaurav who are from Hydrabad and are working in our office for 6 weeks. I think it made them a bit homesick - the food, they tell me, was very authentic and it was great to see the videos - we also have an office in Chennai. I especially loved the dancers, so beautiful. Poorna was just telling me about a mini-series dramatisation of Divali she was enjoying when the story-telling started so all fitted in so well. Again, many thanks for the chance to offer such a lovely evening to a slightly homesick crew- when we walked outside Gaurav said "Back in Scotland again" - it was freezing!" - Mrs Wright (Guest)