Bo'Ness Primary School

Achieved Fairtrade Status: 2010

P3 pupils of Bo'Ness Primary School have done excellent work this year to maintain the school's Fairtrade Status.  This is how they did it:

1)      Hold at least 3 Fairtrade Meetings

We have set up a committee of pupils, staff and parents.  We have one meeting a term to reflect on what we have done so far and to make plans for the coming term.

2)      Promote Fairtrade in School

We have promoted Fairtrade in school by opening a Fairtrade Cafe.  We sold Fairtrade juice, tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes.  Each class got invited to come to our cafe and everyone enjoyed the tasting our goods and having a wee catch up with friends.

3)      Teach about Fairtrade in School

We did a topic called "Let's go Shopping".  We looked at foods in Tesco and followed their journey to where they came from.   We discovered trade wasn't fair in some places and then identified what we can do to ensure trade was fair (e.g. buy Fairtrade products with the logo) and tell people about the unfair trade that was going on.  We also linked this topic up to our maths, language and ICT skills.  In Maths we learnt the value of numbers by looking at air miles, in language we designed posters about Fairtrade and leaflets. We also wrote letters to local groups and businesses to promote Fairtrade too.   In ICT we made Powerpoints and Word Documents about Fairtrade.  We also used the internet to research Fairtrade.

4)      Promote Fairtrade Fortnight

Our school has a very strong link with the Johari Foundation and as this year's theme was "How Far will you go?" We thought we would go that little bit further by helping both farmers and people supported through the Johari Foundation.  We decided to have a Fashion Show.  The children, staff, parents will model the Johari Range of clothing and will also provide Fairtrade information and goods on the night.  There will also be a cafe selling Fairtrade products.

5)      Promoting Fairtrade in the Community

The children have arranged to have a Fairtrade Cafe on Monday 11th March in a local church hall.  It is open to the whole community.  The children have been learning how to design posters and write news reports.  Our posters have been displayed in shops and are news reports were posted to the local Newspaper to get printed in their paper.

We have also linked up with Scot-Mid.  They have agreed to allow the children to come into their store and give members of the public free samples of Fairtrade Products.  These items will then be for sale in their store.

Why not follow in the footsteps of Bo'Ness Primary and do similar activities to achieve or maintain Fairtrade School Status?

Keep up the great Fair Trade work everyone!