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Carlogie Primary School

Achieved Fairtrade School status: March 2012

Fairlogie Café

Fairlogie Café (cooperative Fairtrade Café) was started by the P6 pupils at Carlogie Primary School who were studying Fairtrade as a topic. They decided they wanted to educate others about the benefits of buying Fairtrade products in their school and local community. Fairlogie was opened in Nov 2011 and is still running every month from the local Church Hall.

Through this enterprise project the children have a good understanding of how the skills they learn in school can be transferred to their future lives. They develop their language skills through completing application forms for their position in the Business in either the Sales, Market Research, Advertising, Human Resources or Finance teams, writing letters or emails to suppliers and designing posters. The children are amazed at how often they use their maths skills e.g. paying invoices, looking at profit and loss and working on the cash desk. They explore the benefits of ethical trading in class and are then able to talk to the local community about the benefits of buying Fairtrade at their Café. The children all feel they are more confident through playing a part in the Enterprise.

This project has become sustainable through time. The pupils who started the café decided that the P6 pupils should run the café every year, with the P7’s offering training and support for them. It now attracts mother and toddler groups as well as the elderly and disabled as pupils have considered how best to cater for and attract these groups in their community and bring them together. This is now the 6th year that the café has been running and is much loved feature of the local community with announcements being made at the church services as to when the café will be open. This has led pupils to offer “loyalty” cards to encourage return visits!

Fairlogie entered the Schools Enterprise Challenge with their business plan in 2012 and was voted best in the UK and also best business plan in Europe. They went on to win the same competition in 2013 and 14 gaining them a financial reward that has helped develop their business. With their profits they have donated monies to the local Church, helped purchase educational resources for a school in Bangladesh and are now looking to help purchase an outdoor classroom for their school.

The Fairlogie Team were awarded Carnoustie Young Citizens of the Year 2013 and Angus Youth Ambassadors 2013.

You can download Carlogie's brilliant guide on How to Run a Fairtrade Café from here.