Cults Primary

Safe Parking DVD Premiere: This is an excellent example of how you can turn an event into a Fair Trade promotional activity, thereby having two events in one!  At the Premiere of Cults Primary's Safe Parking DVD, Fairtrade refreshments and cakes made with Fairtrade ingredients were served to the school and invited guests.  The Fairtrade banana loaf and chocolate bakes were a particular hit.

Go Bananas Day: The whole school participated in this event, which was a great success.  "What a wonderful idea and so easy for us all to do", said teacher Jayne Smith.

Fairtrade Vending Machines: The PTA at Cults Primary has taken over a parents' meeting room in the school where they intend to install vending machines that stock as many Fairtrade products as possible.

Fair Trade Stalls: Fair Trade stalls will feature at the school's Spring and Christmas Fairs this year, selling Fairtrade items to show just how many wonderful Fairtrade products are out there. 

Eco-Schools:  Fair Trade issues are very much part of Eco-Schools work, so why not combine the two groups as Cults Primary has done?  Their Fair Trade group consists of all their 11 pupil and 4 teacher Eco-School members.  They tried to have a Fair Trade sub-group, but everyone wanted to be involved in Fair Trade issues in the school, so they simply combined them. 

Fairtrade Gym Bags: The school's next project is to source Fair Trade gym bags that they can put their school logo on.