Kelty Primary

Kelty Primary set up a tuck shop which is run twice a week by the children, a member of staff and a regular parent who has been helping for over a year. They order for the tuck shop once a month (at approximately £300 per month) and children use it well. They are now looking for healthier snacks, however, as they are not as easy to source. The tuck shop children have aprons and a big banana promoting Fair Trade and this has had an enormous impact on people choosing Fair Trade at home, because the children are increasingly aware of Fair Trade issues. The tuck shop is high profile at the many Fair Trade events Kelty Primary organises throughout the year with many of the parents sampling and buying Fair Trade products.

The tuck shop inspired the staff to do a Fairtrade Secret Santa last Christmas. They bought each other Fairtrade presents from Traidcraft, which proved to be a great success and will now happen each year. Fair Trade products are also used in the staff room as a result of the tuck shop promoting Fair Trade goods.