Smithfield Primary

Achieved Fairtrade School Status: November 2009

Pupils and staff of Smithfield Primary School (now Manor Park School) in Aberdeen put on a fabulous event called Fairtrade Friday Fun. There was a large turnout of parents, grandparents, and locals. Everyone enjoyed the variety of Fairtrade beverages and the delicious Fairtrade Banana Bread made by Primary 2.

It all began with Nursery and Primary 1 pupils dressed in pyjamas singing the song 'Bananas in Pyjamas'. This was followed by a 'Banana Drama' brilliantly acted by Primary 6. The play gave many facts about bananas, including their nutritional value, how many are sold each year, and -most importantly- why we should buy them Fairtrade. It ensures that producers receive a fair price for their hard work and that their families and communities also benefit from the Fairtrade premium, which can be used to build schools, health centres or other essential facilities.

Primary 4 and 5 delivered a fabulous rhyme about 10 bent bananas, giving the schools lots of great ideas on the different ways they can be used, like for banana cake or banana smoothies. Another highlight was the Best Dressed Banana competition, an inspired idea thought up by the kids themselves. 240 Fairtrade bananas were decorated in a huge variety of designs ranging from caterpillars to rock stars!

The singing of Primaries 3 and 3/4 was a fitting ending to a wonderful Fairtrade event. The song they sang, 'Banana-Rama-Fairtrade', was specially written for the event by the school and put to the tune of Mamma-Mia.

Well done Smithfield Primary! Keep up the good work!

All bananas were donated by the Co-operative and Smithfield Primary would very much like to say a huge thank-you to the Co-op for their great generosity.