Torry Academy

Achieved Fairtrade Status: January 2009

Students and staff at Torry Academy were extremely busy during Fairtrade Fortnight 2009. But they all agree it was well worth it. As well as Fair Trade themed lessons across the school, they also ran a couple of tasting days in their local Tesco store to encourage people to choose the good quality Fairtrade products that are available.

All students from S2 played a Trading Game where they were divided into groups representing continents/countries - this was done according to population - so China had the biggest group while Europe's was much smaller. Each group were given limited resources and had to trade to carry out their activities. At the end of the game a cake was shared out according to the distribution of food in the world - Africa received half a slice, the USA received 15 slices. Pupils and staff discussed fairness and equality - as well as enjoying the cake - once it was given out more fairly.

There were Fairtrade Football tournaments as well to promote Fairtrade sports gear.

They also built a Fairtrade Tree on their library wall. Each purchase from their Fairtrade Tuck Shop earned a green leaf but a receipt showing a Fairtrade purchase from a shop earned a gold leaf. Over the fortnight they built the tree and took some good photos showing its daily growth. They organised two Fairtrade lunches: a curry lunch and a Palestinian themed lunch using Fairtrade ingredients where possible and organic locally sourced ingredients where Fairtrade was not available.

And they still had energy to do more! To end their Fairtrade activities marathon, they ran a Fairtrade Fashion Show which captured the imagination of everyone and went down a storm.